The beginnings of paprika-growing

Sza­bad­föl­di ki­ül­te­tés cso­por­to­san
Bed­ding out the plant to­geth­er
Ké­zi ka­pás csa­pat a földe­ken
People with hoe on the field­s


Cap­sic­um, i­f grown do­mest­ic­ally, is planted in the gar­dens. For whole­sale pro­duc­tion it is cul­tiv­ated on the field­s. The most prop­er ground for it are the so-c­alled «­black sand-field­s» (60-70and, 30-40H­lay). There­fore is Szeged a real hot­bed of cap­sic­um cul­tiv­a­tion. There are in­ter­est­ing h­abit­s an­d tra­di­tion­s con­nec­ted to the paprika. In the Szeged area wild cap­sic­um (Vin­centox­ic­um la­cum) is known as a peas­ant medi­cine: the dried root is steeped in pálinka (Hun­gari­an brandy), thus used for stom­ach, liv­er an­d s­pleen prob­lem­s.)

Sza­bad­föl­di ül­te­tés cso­por­to­san
Tak­ing out the cap­sic­um plant­s be­fore bed­ding
Pap­ri­ka pa­lán­ták ki­sze­dé­se ül­te­tés­hez
Bed­ding out the plant