Adopting a zoo resident of the Szeged Vadaspark

Adoption is a worldwide form of supporting zoo animals and is also a long tradition in Szeged. By offering a certain amount of money, the adopting parents undertake to support the keeping of an animal for one year and, as a result, become their official foster parents for this period.


On 10 December 2010 we adopted the wolverine of Szeged Vadaspark named Narvik. The popular name is torkosborz (literally meaning ”greedy badger”). The animal, however, does not deserve this name as it frequently stores away carcasses killed in winter to feed on them in summer. It also eats plants at this time. Wolverines live in boreal areas in Asia, Europe and America and are the largest representative of the weasel genus. In wintertime their webbed feet prevents their sinking into the snow. By moving fast on snow cover, they can catch deer and they can bring them down by jumping onto their neck. They are even brave enough to encounter bears to steal their prey.

At the end of 2010 a female partner named Navarra arrived from Sweden. Following a short introduction they started to squeeze each other with great enthusiasm in the mornings and then, tired of the romping, they sleep soundly in the afternoon.

In 2012 and 2013 we continued to remain the foster parents of wolverines…