Szeged fish salad


500 g (1 lb) slices of filets of fresh-water , fish such as carp or catfish (if fresh-water fish is not available, use hake as an alternative), 2 small green paprika, 1 large tomato, 2 tsp noble sweet paprika, 8 tbs oil, 1 small onion, salt, freshly ground pepper, vinegar.

Elkészítés módja:

Cut the tomato and peppers into cubes and chop the onion very finely. Add the paprika, salt and pepper and mix well. Prepare a tart salad dressing with the oil and vinegar. Cook the fish in boiling water, remove any bones and dice. Add to the vegetables and pour on the salad dressing. Put aside for one hour. Serve garnished with lettuce leaves and slices of hard-boiled egg.