XXL Tripe stew 800g

Net weight: 800 g


Raw beef tripe 30%, drinking water, boiled porcine skin stripe, porcine skin, onion pulp (onion, culinary salt, sunflower oil), letcho (tomato, green pepper, sugar, culinary salt), wheat flour, corn starch, culinary salt, spices, food seasoning (flavour enhancer: sodium-glutamate, E631, E627), hot ground paprika.

The product was made in a plant used soya as well.

Average nutrition in the value of 100g and in the 1 portion*
493 kJ
118 kcal
1 972 kJ
472 kcal
6.50 g
26.00 g
      of which saturates
2.70 g
10.80 g
4.60 g
18.40 g
      of which sugars
3.40 g
13.60 g
10.10 g
40.40 g
2.00 g
8.00 g

*Nutrition data can be naturally unequable and are only indicative information.

Best before: 4 years after production date

Multiple packaging: 6 pcs / carton

EAN code: 599 83040 59501