„Tisza” fish soup with mixed fish 400g

Net weight: 400 g


Fish slices 45% (silver carp, carp), drinking water, quick frozen fish soup condense (drinking water, cleaned fish, onion, culinary salt, ground paprika), porcine fat, hot spices, dried onion sleet, culinary salt, modified potato starch.
The product can contain fish bones.

This product was made in a plant uses gluten and soya as well.

Average nutrition in the value of 100g and in the 1 portion*
392 kJ
94 kcal
1 568 kJ
376 kcal
5.50 g
22.00 g
      of which saturates
1.30 g
5.20 g
1.50 g
6.00 g
      of which sugars
1.10 g
4.40 g
9.60 g
38.40 g
1.50 g
6.00 g

*Nutrition data can be naturally unequable and are only indicative information.

Best before: 3 years after production date

Multiple packaging: 6 pcs / carton

EAN code: 599 83040 68220