Letcho with egg barley and potato 400g

Net weight: 400 g


Drinking water, raw potato cube 14%, egg barley 10% [durum sleet (gluten), water], minced letcho 8% (tomato, green pepper, sugar, culinary salt), sunflower oil, food seasoning (flavour enhancer: sodium glutamate, E631, E627), condensed tomato, onion sleet, culinary salt, spices, sugar, hot paprika powder.

The product was made in a plant used soya as well.

Average nutrition in the value of 100g and in the 1 portion*
350 kJ
83 kcal
1 400 kJ
332 kcal
3.00 g
12.00 g
      of which saturates
1.10 g
4.40 g
11.70 g
46.80 g
      of which sugars
8.70 g
34.80 g
2.20 g
8.80 g
2.00 g
8.00 g

*Nutrition data can be naturally unequable and are only indicative information.

Best before: 3 years after production date

Multiple packaging: 6 pcs / carton

EAN code: 5998304067360