Goose liver Créme Brulée 170g

Suggestion for use:

The bottle is under vacuum pressure. You can open it easily by pulling the latch of the rubber ring. Don’t use any other device! Before serving put the chilled bottle into warm water for a few seconds, so you can easily slip the product out.
If you would like to have a special gastronomic experience, bestrew the liver with brown sugar and you can caramelise. We suggest to consume it with milk loaf.

Net weight: 170 g


Fatted goose liver 65%*, egg, skimmings, milk, Tokaier wine, culinary salt, balsam vinegar (colouring matter: E150c), brown sugar, spice.

*according to animal protection regulations of filling-fattening

Average nutrition in the value of 100g *
1520 kJ
369 kcal
37.20 g
      of which saturates
10.00 g
1.40 g
      of which sugars
1.00 g
7.10 g
1.50 g

*Nutrition data can be naturally unequable and are only indicative information.

Best before: 1,5 years after production date

Multiple packaging: 24 pcs / carton

EAN code: 5998304067810