Szegedi Paprika in cotton sack 250g

Suggestion for use:

By the preparation of stew bestrew some paprika powder on the onion seared on fat. Pay attention, the fat shouldn’t be too hot. In order to intensify the nice red colour and the fine spice effect of the dish, you can put some paprika again on it before taking it from the cooker.

Net weight: 250 g


100% Ground paprika from Szeged

Protected designation of origin for Szegedi Paprika was registered by the European Commision on the 3rd of November 2010. The meaning of it: all the production and technological operations from the sowing to the ground paprika are made in the geographical area of Szeged, under controlled conditions.

Best before: 9 months after production date

Multiple packaging: 20 pcs / carton

EAN code: 599 83040 55558