Paprika varieties selected and improved by Szegedi Paprika ZRt.


Bred by Tibor Huszka and István Ocskó

This is a low plant that grows continuously. Joint intervals are fairly short. The crop is not spicy, sepals cover the product base. The skin is even and shiny. Not susceptible to virus diseases, shows great tolerance to the bacterial leaf mottle virus. This variety is characterized by high yield and ripening synchronicity.



Bred by Dr. István Erdei and Tibor Huszka

Medium green plant that grows continuously, the hanging crop is not spicy. Its larger than average coarse fruit have undulating surface and are slightly striated. High skin pigment contents and extreme crop capacity prevail even under extensive farming conditions. This variety is not susceptible to the Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV), and is also tolerant of other virus diseases.